Posted on Aug 5, 2020



Public safety is so important to our city. We rarely think about it but always breathe easier when help arrives to serve our needs. The Newberg-Dundee Police Department does a phenomenal job keeping our quiet little city safe and secure from many dangers with the limited resources they have at their disposal.

These men and women are servants, passionate about the safety and well-being of our communities. With decades of flawless service to Newberg, their focus and determination of quality police work is clearly evident.

Looking toward the near future, one major concern facing our police is funding. Our city is growing extremely fast and our police department is already stretched thin. During council meetings on more than one occasion, our past city managers have threatened our public safety funding if certain fees or taxes were not raised. This will not be tolerated again.

Public safety should be at the forefront of our budget discussions. The level of service we all have come to enjoy and depend on will be no more unless we make funding available to our police. Widespread development means more people, more crime. We need to expand their ranks to parallel our city's growth.

Our police force serves us whether we see it or not. We need to recognize their service and aide them in their duties. I will work with our police department instead of using them as leverage.
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