Newberg City Council District 5
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*Newberg-Dundee Police Chief Brian Casey (retired)
*Bill Post - Oregon State Representative HD25
*Mary Starrett - Yamhill County Commissioner
*Lindsay Berschauer - Yamhill County Commissioner Elect
*Oregon Right To Life PAC
*Oregon Moms Building Excellent Schools Together

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Public safety is so important to our city. We rarely think about it but always breathe easier when help arrives to serve our needs. The Newberg-Dundee Police Department does a phenomenal job keeping our quiet little city safe and secure from many dangers with the limited resources ...

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Among the most important responsibilities of the city council is the stewardship of the budget. Taxpayers entrust elected officials with the responsibility of managing the city's revenue (otherwise known as “taxes”) in the most fiscally sound way possible.

Our city’s budget pays for pol...

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We have an affordable housing problem. Our city is beautiful and as such, many people have a desire to live here. The Urban Growth Boundary continually gets challenged to be moved out to allow for growth while we fail to ensure that the city can maintain it. Public safety, roads, transit...

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A thriving small town requires a balance of housing and business. Each needs the other to grow and prosper. Newberg needs to be an inviting place to own and operate a wide variety of businesses, so let’s not put unnecessary hurdles in the way.

I’ll work with the Chamber and Newbe...

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We have officially kicked off our campaign for Newberg City Council District 5. The amount of support and contributions already has been overwhelming! I'm so honored to have such amazing community members supporting me as we all move forward to a better Newberg.

If you would like to do...

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Growing up in a God-fearing home allowed certain principles and ideologies to be instilled within me. Two stand out: respect those in authority even though you may disagree, and have a servant's heart so that you may serve in humility.

Growing up in Montana throughout my childhood and into my college years are some of my fondest memories. It was in high school I met the most beautiful sixteen year old girl whom I quickly fell in love with. Three short years later I was blessed to call her my wife. Living the perfect life while traveling the world alongside my soulmate, we thought we had it all. Moving to Oregon fourteen years ago, away from all we knew, was challenging but rewarding. Three years after arriving in Oregon, we moved to the small town of Newberg and made this place our home. The Lord has blessed us with four amazing little humans and one scruffy dog. Newberg has become our home base.

Living in Newberg, I found things that could be improved. Other things were beyond my understanding. I decided to get involved in our city government, attending City Council meetings and other public meetings. I joined the Citizens Rate Review Committee six years ago, making recommendations on utility rates to City Council. I quickly realized I was the odd man out. The amount of waste alarmed me. Pushing for less spending and better management, I repeatedly vote NO to increases.

I will bring a common sense approach to the city government. Newberg does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. The foundation of Newberg is strong enough to build on. All that is missing are selfless leaders who are willing to truly serve the citizens of Newberg, free of obligation and perceived norms, with the ability to respectfully discuss issues to produce inclusive policies, and to say the unpopular NO.

We live in a beautiful city full of hope and potential. I look forward with anticipation and excitement knowing my children will grow up in a place such as this. With a young heart and fresh eyes, I welcome the opportunity to serve my community by peeling back the old growth that is stunting our town from flourishing. True transparency on all levels is needed to regain the trust and respect of all those who live in Newberg.

I look forward to being a servant, a councilor, a director of our great city.

Nick Morace

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